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Dive Deeper into WW3, Planned Playbook or Provoking the Bear
Jul 25, 2022

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Want to go deeper into WW3 and the end of days Kingdoms. Who are the 3 Kings that are taken out? Is this war with China and Russia Hegelian Dialectic or a real fight. When will Russia and China attack the USA. Will this bring on the anti Christ and UFO deception. Did you know Putin said whoever has the best AI will run the world. How can the 10 Kingdoms fit tech companies. Who funded these tech companies. Is it the old Roman Empire? Get right with God.

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Dive Deeper into WW3, Planned Playbook or Provoking the Bear

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  • Hey, Scott. I want to let you know that I enjoy all of your videos. There is a lot of clutter out here and a lot of voices saying a lot of things but I believe you have tuned into the true prophetic voice. I appreciate all that you do.

    You mention the agenda 2030 video inside this one but I can't locate it. Can you send me a link? Thanks

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