EASY WAYS TO SAVE MONEY! πŸ€‘ | 10 Money Saving Tips
Mar 25, 2021

@SarahMcDonald @SmallChanges is a Professional Organiser and Declutter Expert who lives with her...


Saving money can sometimes be overwhelming and complicated. Here are 10 simple tips that you can do TODAY to start saving money, reducing stress and living big with less.

πŸ‘‡πŸ» CHAPTER TIME CODES 00:00 - Introduction 01:13 - 1. Transfer to Pump Bottles 02:36 - 2. Know the Per Unit/Per Serving Price 04:48 - 3. When Online Shopping, Sort Lowest Price First 06:16 - 4. Learn New Skills Online 08:54 - 5. Meal Plan for the Whole Day 10:52 - 6. Find Cost Effective Takeaway 12:22 - 7. Know Your Favourite Meals and What They Cost 14:02 - 8. Do What is Realistic Not Just Cheapest 16:00 - 9. Try Life Without It 17:50 - 10. Be the Planner

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EASY WAYS TO SAVE MONEY! πŸ€‘ | 10 Money Saving Tips #Minimalist #Frugal #Minimalism #SimpleLiving #FrugalTips

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  • All good suggestions, Try Life Without It is an especially great recommendation!

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