WEIRD CLEANING TIPS THAT WORK | Favourite Cleaning Tips & Tricks πŸ’•
Jun 03, 2021

@SarahMcDonald @SmallChanges is a Professional Organiser and Declutter Expert who lives with her...


Hate Cleaning? or Not Enough Time? I've got some GREAT tips that work to make cleaning quicker, more time efficient , motivating and less stressful! Sometimes trying things a little out of the box are the tickets to success πŸŽ‰

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πŸ‘‡πŸ» CHAPTER TIME CODES 00:00 - Introduction 01:22 - 1. Clean in the Washing Machine 03:20 - 2. Clean Till… 04:37 - 3. Clean in the Dark or Low Light 05:26 - 4. Time Yourself 06:52 - 5. Combine What You Love & Cleaning 08:21 - 6. Fake it Until You Make it 10:11 - 7. Treat Yo Self

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WEIRD CLEANING TIPS THAT WORK | Favourite Cleaning Tips & Tricks πŸ’• #Minimalist #Cleaning #CleaningHacks

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  • A tip to clean the microwave is to put a wide bowl of water in it and turn on high for a few minutes. The water will boil and steam the splatters that are on the inside walls and door. It's much easier to wipe down.

  • Here's a tip to fix "stinky kitchen sponge": put 1/2" of Borax in a soap dish that's a little larger than your sponge and place near the sink. After use, place your damp/wet sponge on the Borax. It will wick up a little Borax which will kill all bacteria. Extra benefit is that the Borax will extend the life of the sponge.

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