Tucker discussing the ADL/PayPal partnership.
Jul 31, 2021


Tucker discussing the ADL/PayPal partnership.

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  • Stay cheerful?!? What? How about gab pay, Tucker? Spread the word @tuckercarlson

  • You mean the DL.

  • Who decides? Who are the people behind? Notice the ADL are Jewish control but they attack Jewish like Laura Loomer

  • Okey-dokey, tuckster, let's all pretend. Who is this fat head? Pollyanna? Who's behind his mask? Anne with an E? He apparently has his and everyone else can get their's the best way they know how. These talking heads are dangerous and oh so culpable in lying to the American people. If they were what most people believe they are, they could have stopped this covid hoax in a hot minute. They'll be begging for mercy when they are finally called to task.

  • I closed my PayPal account after the election.

  • What do ADL and PayPal have in common (along with most other IT/media companies like NYT, Google, Facebook, YouTube, CNN, NBC, Disney, ...)?

  • ADL has a noble history? LOL

  • Tuckaroonie!


  • The ADL was founded to protect a Jewish pedophile racists' who raped a 12 year old factory working girl, he then worked with the town mayor and other employees to pin the blame on a black man. This tells you exactly what the ADL is and what they are about. Coercion, lies & deceit to protect the guilty you can call Hispanics beaners, black ppl call each other nibbas, and others crackers, but you call a jew greedy or generalize in any way & your automatically an anti Semite and you should lose your job, be doxxed, kicked off all major platforms or social media, never be allowed to do anything in public or run for office and or anything else. Get it yet?

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