Dec 23, 2021



What High's saying is that Trump is very precise in the words he chooses and is somewhat of a code-talker. He's suggesting that Trump's message wasn't actually directed at his "awake" supporters, or what High refers to as "Woo People", but rather at the sleeping Normies who've bought the vax narrative, hook, line, and sinker. According to Clif High, Trump's words should never be taken at face value and need to be parsed in order to determine their true meaning.

I concur with Clif High's reasoning on this. Trump knows his supporters are dead-set against the jab, and I'm sure he was aware of the backlash that would come from sounding like a cheerleader on the issue, so there must be a strategic reason for him to be talking about it at all. I don't think it's to convince us to take it, because I'm sure he must know that, that is simply not going to happen. In fact, many of us are ready to go to war if they keep pushing. So the fact that he keeps talking about it, after getting booed, means that there must be something else going on.

I've shared a similar view on this, and even went as far as to say that I don't believe Trump will start talking truth on the Jab until he's back in office and has his hands on the levers of power. The reason why I'm able to see this, is because I realize that we are at War, and I am thinking strategically rather than emotionally.

For Trump to retake the White House, he has to unite the People and not just tell his base what they already know. Sure, hearing Trump come out against the Jab would certainly "feel good", but what effect would that have on the sheep who've already gotten the suicide-shot?

We all know that when the sheep finally understand what's been done to them, they'll lose their shit and burn the entire system to the ground. If this happens in America while the globalists have the reins of power, the United States will completely collapse. Which despite the "feel good" thought of some of the perpetrators of this Covid-Crime getting torn to pieces by an angry mob, it would be short-lived as the CCP swooped in and took full advantage of a completely nonfunctioning United States government.

The timing of this part of the #GreatAwakening has to be perfect, and it has to be done in such a way that inspires hope. If the jabbed believe they're under a death sentence, they'll go on the war path, so when this happens, they either need to be too weak to do anything, or the news has to be delivered with hope for treatment, and how could that happen with Biden in office?

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  • Trump is all hat no cattle. He was bailed out more than once by the Rockefeller-Rothschild Khazarian mafia so he is an enemy of the people to be sure.

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