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Dr Simone Gold exposes the Satanic agenda of the new "Public Health" religion of the NWO at the Health and Freedom Conference, Tulsa Oklahoma, April 16th 2021
Apr 16, 2021



Dr. Gold correctly points out that this Covid-19 new religion is a direct result of a Godless society. The architects behind this Scamdemic are fully aware of humanities inborn need to worship a power that is much greater than themselves, so the coordinated effort to drive society towards secular atheism was a prerequisite for the birth of the new religion we are seeing masked and mind washed people embracing with such zealotry that it's become their new belief system. The masks have become a symbol of belonging to this new cult, so if you fancy yourself a Christian and yet you're wearing a mask, know that you are publically declaring to the world that fear of the coronavirus has replaced Christ as your King. You can not have two masters, and worship both God and Mammon. Scripture is very clear about this, and you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven lest you repent, take off the mask, and repent the role you have been playing in helping further this Genocide.

There is no middle ground, you are either on the side of Light or the side of Darkness. Every single person is choosing their destiny right now. Complying with evil does make you evil. Do not kid yourself into thinking that going along with this agenda doesn't make you a part of it. It does, because it is only continuing because of your compliance. Your failure to stand is closing churches, persecuting Christians, and condemning people to a life worse than death after they receive the Mark of the Beast "Frankenvax".

Do you think it will become easier to take a stand later? When it's your turn for the jab you be alone and wishing you had the courage to stand with the true followers of Christ when we needed you. If you have not the courage to stand now, what makes you think you'll have the courage to stand when everything is on the line and the decision is life or eternal damnation?

Ask yourself this simple question. If Jesus returned today and saw you worshiping this Antichrist "Public Health" religion, do you think he'll write your name into the Lambs Book of Life? Or do you think you'll be spewed from his mouth to suffer the Grapes of Gods Wrath with the rest of the Heathen he is returning to Judge?

Stand with God. Stand with Humanity. STAND UP NOW

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  • The video cuts off while she's still speaking, do you have the rest of her talk? I missed it!

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