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June 12, 2021 - President Trump at FrankSpeech MAGA Rally (1)
Jun 12, 2021

Ross Cappy

Florida native, California transplant. Work in the IT industry supporting enterprise...



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  • Love how the only complaint is about the jab. We are lucky.

  • Trump stop promoting the dangerous experimental vax that is killing people!

  • BEING OVER 465 days of this unprecedented psychological warfare operation Global-shutdown as to implement couple of things by serving the NEW-WORLD-ORDER-Aganda suchlike weaponised electromagnetic Industrialised 5G-radiation-Field of Cancer, Digitalized currency and contact tracing Quarantining, brain chipping Innovink NeuroL-ink tattooing in our blood cells as a certification of immunity just to mention a few of the strategical movement of the Agenda FOR HOLOCAUST-2020 

    By the Depopulationist Dehumanizing and Demoralizing Totalitarian Tyrannian Technocrat Satannic Demo(N)Crat 5G vaccinated zombies activity..... I am actually starting to finish to not to ever spend or at least spend a lot less time on these Rather annoying yet highly crucial issue2get properly Handled....and I just only can hope that the DeepState will be —well not only revealed— but also COMPLETELLLLLLY-DEFEATED and EVENTUALLLLLLY-UTTERLY DESTROYED together with all f^ckd up Participant such f^cking Faulty-Fauci, Sh^t-Pedophile Bill-Gay-Gate, Marxist George Floyd Soros ... Rockefeller Fellony-Full-Fundation all kind of Sinister MP's including Polio–Senile-Pelosi with her childish-tantrum.... Freacking Como whith his 400 ventilators…. Biggest-Lying-Liar-Lawyer…Alex Azaaar Bobby Rushed-Bustard–Rush.... ETC ETC ETC of course Let's not forget this side of the story by meeting with Miss Queen Lizzard-Elisabeth from Windsor family hand-in-hand with great conflict of interest Glaxo SmithKline holocaust 2020 ETC ETC etc … ((do you still think Lady D really got killed in a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry unprecedented car accidents or maybe that has been also prePlannnnnnnnnned suchlike this corona-scamhoax-hysteria due to that with her verrrrrrrrrrrrrry-genuinely clean&bigHeart She would of REVEAL the Sinister-Evil-Intent behind The-blooooooody-Satanic-Westminster BuckibghaPalace......??..)))) –––once again I want to arrest and detain all the above named and of course all the unnamed CEO’s of the Totalitarian-Resim companies at-Silicon Valley and other National-Locations and got-them all nicellllllly-Hucked- and hung-up in a very very DeepState of the DarkestEverCave by their Anarchist-Ancle and leave them alone forever with 6 feet distance from each other so they can practice their favorite initiati-ritual social-distancing not just from each other but from the entire HUMANITY Of-Curse all nicellllly-m95 masked as-well.... As to giving us freedom from their Extremely Dehumanising Depopulation Demoralizing Satanic-Demo(N)Crat-Aganda.... Until the very last drop of their KKK 5G vaccinated zombie blood DRIPS-OUT of tHEIR Antihuman Anticrists Brain….

    insha-Allah El hombre de Jesús-Allah-Krishna-Gautama Siddhartha and so on in the movement of Trump 2020 I agree with this sentiment, that's why I keep this Sentiment.....:

    I-cannnnnot care any less what anyone-else says about this man, He has got my VERRRRRY HIGH respect! .*

    This 74-year-old man coming back home from work at 2am. Most successful men his age are retired, living at their vacation homes. He comes back after a long day that started before the sun rose, exhausted, with his tie open, hat in hand, knowing another day of great accomplishment has ended. This man left his billionaire lifestyle and palatial mansions where he could live happily and play golf in peace any day he liked. Yet-He-has put his wealth aside and went to work for free, for $1 a year, for you and me, for us, for AMERICA and for the Rest of the world too as his job Involves to defeat the ever so false Narrative Dehumanizing Demoralizing Depopulationists Demo(n)cRat-ic Globalist Totalitarian Technocrat the blooooooody DeepState While other presidents became rich from the presidency, this man has LOST over 2 billion dollars in wealth during the last 4 years. He put aside his amazing lifestyle for getting ambushed every single day by the media and the radical left Demo(n)crats that trashes this man who works for them until 2am for free! He doesn't do it for money or power, he already has that. He is doing it so our homes will be safe, schools will improve and jobs are higher paying. He does it so starting a new business is easier and we can keep a few dollars in our pockets at the end of the month. Other presidents before him made sure to tax us until our pockets were almost empty. Are you THAT BLIND? THAT BLIND to NOT to see the wonderful things in-this man's doing for you and your family? THAT BLIND that after all his work for minority groups in America, the media keeps calling him a racist? DONALD TRUMP IS NOT A RACIST or an ANTI-SEMITE()! President Donald J. Trump, I want to thank you with all my heart mind &Soul I am sooooo-sorry for the blind hatred you have been made to endure. You are genuinellllly-truelllllllllllllllllllly good and generous man. I KNOW THIS. The People at large are in a bad place right now… . in their hearts and souls. ..President Trump is not our problem... THE MEDIA IS!

  • Trump really needs to understand what the shots are doing to people. How the murderers are forcing the poison on people, how people can’t buy or sell without it. It’s not something to brag about. Now the murderers are forcing it on children and having many deaths because of it. The Covid shit must end.

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  • Unfortunately all that will be taken from this speech will be the last few seconds of him saying "though they may not read or right some of them,..."

  • Make America Great Again!

  • President Trump was not talking about the deadly injections, it was the one he took started with the letter Q , he will not push or force these Bioweapon Covid19 vaccine injections , he said that's up to you , so don't blame him for the stupidity of others who willingly jumped into the frying pan , he has the Q brand and Democrats stated they didnt work , their money was already invested in the death injections.

  • People talking about the vaccine... you do realize that unlike the Demoncrats, he has never pushed it on Americans. He has encouraged it but also stands for the citizens' freedom to choose whether they want it or not. That's what this country is all about. I would have no issue with people encouraging the vaccine if not for the fact that they're pushing it on us, trying to coerce us into getting it.

  • Trump is so ignorant in pushing the vax. The vax is a bioweapon and 70% of the vaxxed will be dead in 2 to 3 years. I call it vax because it is not a vaccine. Why doesn't someone explain that to him? Or is he just playing a good acting game and is really an elite globalist. Is that how he got his money?

  • Donald Trump was a great president. He made us energy independent and the prices at the pump went down along with all petroleum based products. Now we have 5 % inflation, as calculated by the new government definition. Using the original government definition from the Carter administration inflation is now 11%. This means any money you have in the bank is devalued and your current purchasing power is reduced. What happened? The Biden administration handed out money it didn't have so it just printed more. They said they wouldn't tax anyone making less than $400,00 but they just did! Biden took your money and gave it to someone else. Biden's inflation is a silent tax hurting poor and lower income the most. Biden lies.

  • can't believe he is still talking about the vaccine dicouraging

  • Some of you people..I wonder. I'm not taking the vaccine either but so what if he takes credit, he deserves credit. Good grief he didn't make it. It was probably the woke freaks that put crap in our vaccines. So go vote for Biden you babies.

  • The jab and Genmanipulation wasn't a part of President Trump's watch!

  • What happen to the rest of Presidents Trumps speech...Why did GAB just cut it off...I'm PISSED !

  • Why was Trump banned from Twitter and Facebook? So unfair. Just because he fueled an insurrection against the US government?? I can't believe such a small thing would get him banned.

  • I think he really feels he won the 2020 election. I say MAGA!!

  • President Trump is not a scientist and trusted the scientists, the CDC and the medical community so the fact of what’s in the vaccines are not his fault. We have to look at that he believed they would help because again he believed those that were head of NIH but what he got done for the people is what’s important to remember. He cares about us and America and he did everything to help make America better and safer. It’s not his fault the heads of the medical community and the scientists in charge were so corrupt. He fought so much corruption while in the White House but remember what he was up against. It’s all in how you see it all.

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