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A Brief History of Hopium
Jun 22, 2021


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With all these decades and—in the case of the oldest democracies—centuries of broken political promises, you'd think that the public would have caught on to the game by now. But, if anything, recent events have revealed that people are becoming more addicted to this politician-peddled hopium even as the lies and broken promises become ever more ridiculous. . . .


QANON: A BELIEF SYSTEM - At its core, Qanon is based on faith. It’s a belief system.

“Trust the plan.”

That is Q’s motto.

There are clear parallels between Qanon and organised religion. Q is like God, President Trump is the Messiah (think Jesus, Mohammed, etc), and the people that ‘decode’ and relay Q’s messages are the priests.

There is no evidence to suggest that Q represents a group of ‘white hats’ inside the military-political complex who are working to overthrow the cabal. In fact, besides the encoded posts that appear on 8Kun, there is no evidence to suggest that Q even exists as a real entity.

Many people claim that Q is a group of people, all of which work closely with President Trump. Yet this is also a theory, a belief.

There are well-known people who have built up huge followings just by preaching about and interpreting Q’s drops.

Many of these people claim to have ‘insider information’ about Q and access to various ‘secret sources’ who feed them information from the top. These sources are never revealed of course, and you are simply expected to believe it’s all true. There’s that word again. Belief.

But even if such sources were real, who’s to say they aren’t purposefully feeding them misinformation?

Just as Christians believe the word of God, no matter how insane it seems, so do Qanon followers believe the words of Q and its apostles.

As I stated before, I have been following the Qanon movement from afar for the last few months. During that time I have heard many outlandish claims, none of which have come true.

Some of these include mass arrests of influential figures, the institution of a gold-backed financial system, the declassification of intelligence reports, and the release of extra-terrestrial technologies. I have heard all of this. In fact, many of these predictions have been floating around for years now.

Q, along with those who claim to have ‘inside sources’ are constantly assuring people that the arrests are coming and that the plan is about to come to fruition. Yet, it never does. The deadline is constantly pushed back. “Next month it’s coming”. “okay, next week it’s finally going to happen!” “Definitely sometime before the end of the year.”

I hate to say it, but this is classic cult behaviour.


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  • Yes Ron Paul Bush Jr. aka Dubya sure as hell knew about 911.

  • very interesting video full of stuff that should make people think

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