Alex Jones: “Trump, Most Evil Man Who Ever Lived”
Dec 29, 2021

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“Fire Fauci”? Trump actually WAS playing “4D Chess” — against his supporters. If Fauci or Biden criticize him, he goes to war. If they feed his ego he gives them everything they want, including delivering “his people”.


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  • Did Trump "really" have the election stolen? Where did the 30 million extra voters come from? Why wasn't an agenda for the second term of Trump published on his campaign website? Why was his campaign message hollow, and lacking promises? Why was the main thrust of his message, I'm not Joe Biden and Operation Warp Speed? Why doesn't Trump uphold and defend individual freedom and civil liberties? And Today, countless Trump supporters make excuses for his failures? Why don't members of the right media ever ask Trump the tough questions, as to why it's so important for people to have their freedom over the shot? Stop the excuses! Trump knew all about covid before it hit, perhaps because his friend Fauci told him so. why does Trump brag about making the drug companies Billions? Why did Trump sign the 2 plus trillion law that never needed to be signed? It's been a year now people, it's time to review the past so we can see where we are headed. The USA is under attack by the world. NEVER FORGET that Trump has been saying the same things for over 30 years. He is not a republican, he has always been a conservative Democrat, close friends of the Clinton's and now you know why Hillary is not behind bars!!!!

  • Trump is old school when it comes to vaccinations. Remember before this vax came along most people trusted vaccines. Trump was conned by Fauci. There was no ill-intent on Trumps behalf. Trump is smart when it comes to business but is reliant on staff like Fauci who is an evil con man. Fauci was supposed to be the best we have but he is a liar.

    Trump will come around.

  • I'm willing to bet Trump got threatened with the JFK Treatment. That's why he didn't remove the Federal Reserve either. That's why they ALL leave the Fed there. Otherwise they would be killed publicly.

  • The only way out for Trump is if he later reveals that the deep state threatened to detonate a Nuke if he did not pretend to support the jab. that's possible, but since we have so many kick ass special OP's men why has Trump not sent them out to arrest every single deep state actor?

  • David, what do you think about De Santis from FL?

  • Great segment. Trump's job is to create at least 12 years of decent into communism and tyranny. Extends election theft rage while making sure he isn't re-instated. Loses again to election fraud in 2024. And if the carcass has wheels, another shot in 2028. His tax returns. Connections to Pharmapoison Cartel investments like MTG? Is that why?

    #Desantis2024. And if not him; then a trucker driver MAGA candidate who lost his wife to Trump's Killshot.

  • The Pentagon is building a new $4 million war court chamber at Guantanamo Bay that will not allow for public access, The New York Times reported Wednesday. The new courtroom is expected to begin holding proceedings in 2023. Two military judges will be able to hold proceedings at the same time in the new chamber, and it will hold smaller cases, the NYT reported.

  • You're absolutely right Trump is a fucking war criminal!!!

  • Fuck Trump. I believed, but no more. That guy fucked up everything and nothing but bad things happened under his reign. Everything got worlds worse. He did lockdowns and pushed the vax on military members, and he grifted for "Stop the Steal" while not mentioning those people once, for a year. He's in on it, or too stupid to know how to fight back.

  • Fire Fauci.

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