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Animation of Trump's Assassination
Jan 15, 2022


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This might look like a cutscene from a particularly edgy video game, but in fact it’s a video shared on the official website of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The video was the winner of a competition organized to honor General Soleimani, who was close to the supreme leader. However, we wouldn’t count on this getting the Pixar treatment any time soon.


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  • Some artful dubbing was done on this video. The written instructions were actually in English, not Farsi, because the drone operator was actually Kathy Griffin.

  • Is that Windows Vista?

  • Only dirtbag losers would engage in this kind of tantrum display. Because despots and tyrants live on fear and hyperbole, they actually think this is a positive... what it may do is piss everyone off enough to cause a military solution to their bull crap bravado.... (wouldn't that be Ironic??? their cartoon, to show they're pissed at having a terrorist mass murderer taken out, motivates a second strike that wipes out the 'whine, complain and posture' division)!

  • Trump is more of a threat out of office than the walking dead corpse we have in the Oval today. That should tell you something if you don't already know it.

  • It's dumb for two reasons #1 Real (ie effective) mercenaries, assassins etc. never share the plans. It defeats the point. I'm pretty sure the secret service would be on to this pretty fast. #2 Whether your making real or idle threats you paint yourself as a target to those who have proven they can do it at will. Just not smart.

  • Based Iran, making cuckservatives cry over an animation

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