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Biden Threatens SEALs
Oct 20, 2021


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Meanwhile, “Rachel” Devine, Biden’s favorite transgender promoted to be the nation’s “FIRST FEMALE Four Star Admiral”. He’s a man.

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  • They've opened Pandora's box...they didn't fully understand the resolve and pride of many can never be closed....they have exposed themselves completely, and know it's all or nothing at this point....God and his children will prevail..

  • They are terrified. We are not falling into place. So they have decided to try and threaten our military. These are the wrong people to threaten for any reason at all. This will blow up in their faces. JESUS IS KING.

  • Satan is desperate. Evil is desperate. Thus they play dangerously and desperately. The most vital players in our defense, i.e., Seals, Green Berets, Rangers, Marines, etc., are being turned away because they are the best soldiers our country has to fight such evil.

    But God sees all. Evil will be completely and utterly destroyed. And soon.

  • The biden regime has kicked evil into overdrive and they love it. FUCK JOE BIDEN! Let's Go Brandon!

  • Hey ASSHOLE just remember Biden these are trained killers

  • The Great Reset. Shut everything down, including our Special Forces. Then when it's all crumbled, come in an offer relief. Restart the economy under dictatorial rule.

  • Biden wishes he could be half the men they are.

  • 2 sides good and evil. God is still in control.

  • And replace them with who i?

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