Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF Retired)
Sep 11, 2021

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Gen. Partin addresses the Wallace Institute on the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco massacre, and world communism in Santa Clara, California in June 1998.

Proof of Bombs and Coverup, July 20, 1998, The New American: “The earliest and most compelling challenge to the lone bomb/lone bomber theory came from Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF, Retired), an expert with sterling credentials and a distinguished military career. On May 18, 1995, one month after the bombing, General Partin delivered a preliminary detailed analysis of the event to members of Congress.

“From all the evidence I have seen in the published material,” Partin testified,” I can say with a high level of confidence that the damage pattern on the reinforced concrete superstructure could not possibly have been attained from the single truck bomb without supplementing demolition charges at some of the reinforced column bases.”

“In that report (See “OKC Bombing: Expert Analysis” in our June 26, 1995 issue), and in the detailed study which he released on July 13, 1995 (see “Explosive Evidence” in our August 7, 1995 issue), Partin eviscerated the prosecution’s lone-bomb thesis with a host of findings from the forensic evidence indicating that demolition charges were certainly used inside the Murrah Building.

“Since that time, a veritable mountain of evidence, documents, records, eyewitness testimony, and authoritative support has accumulated to fortify General Partin’s thesis, making the stubborn adherence of government officials and journalists to the lone-bomb scenario truly incredible.” (Note: Gen. Partin passed away Dec. 20, 2019)


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