"Build Back Better" Bill Will Bury America
Nov 16, 2021

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The Build Back Better abomination being pushed through Congress by the Democrats will completely restructure the U.S. economy and our way of life, institutionalizing racism and climate decrees while bankrupting American taxpayers and businesses, warns The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. This is actually part of a globalist program that was launched by the United Nations and is being peddled by the World Economic Forum alongside the "Great Reset." Newman points out that the actual cost of this bill, originally set at $3.5 trillion, will probably be at least 2.5 trillion, despite a "compromise" version supposedly "only" costing $1.85 trillion. It will be a major boon for Communist China while undermining the U.S. economy.

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  • Is not in the hall of records.

  • How about build a box for Biden after he's beaten to death

  • After the vax nothing will be left by vengeance. Godless sadists.

  • They couldn't get here alone. Love the show, but "feel" more is needed than politics as usual. We need an exorcist.

  • Yes I see a pattern,

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