Jun 22, 2022


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Pennsylvania Gov brags you can lose your guns if you show them on social media or get a reputation — as the "Duck of Death" found out. - David Knight

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Note: the film clip is from the 1992 movie, Unforgiven, which Clint Eastwood directed, produced and starred in. The film won four Academy Awards: Best Picture and Best Director for Clint Eastwood (William Munny), Best Supporting Actor for Gene Hackman (Little Bill), and Best Film Editing for editor Joel Cox. Also with leading roles were Morgan Freeman (Ned Logan) and Richard Harris (English Bob).

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  • Trump Calls for Federal “Red Flag Laws” to “Take Weapons” From “Disturbed Minds”

Just days after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, left 31 people dead, President Donald Trump reversed his earlier position and called on state and federal lawmakers to pass so-called red flag laws.

Red flag laws — also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) — allow a judge to revoke a person’s right to own firearms, and law enforcement to confiscate that person’s firearms, if family members or other people close to that person believe him to be dangerous to himself or others and report him. As of August 5, 17 states and the District of Columbia have passed some form of “red flag” restriction on gun ownership.


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  • Absolutely right! There is ZERO due process in ANY Red Flag confiscation. It violates the 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, 6th Amendment, 9th Amendment and 14th Amendment!! The Constitution is totally ignored by the vast majority of politicians, breaking their Oaths DAILY. What we need is enforcement of the Constitution, and the Remedy is in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15. This law enforcement organization is responsible to execute the laws of the Union, suppress ACTUAL insurrections/coups, and defend against invasion. This LE organization may, as needed by any county Sheriff, be deputized as a posse for any duration or location wherein an emergency may exist. This organization? It is the CITIZEN MILITIA!

  • Why did he mention, Trump, without explaining his meaning and reason, for the jab. That upsets me, and reason enough not to view his show.

  • DeSantis makes it against the law to say Jews run Hollywood Not only do they run Hollywood but DeSantis also.

  • To: Trinity_Anon - Sorry you are having trouble. You are the first to mention the video not playing after more than 900 plays. I just played it and it works fine in both the Brave & Safari browsers. Have you tried linking to the source on Rumble? It's listed in the description.

  • Does not play not even after 4 browser refreshes???? Disappointing!


  • Wolf is about as far left as OBiden.

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