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DANGER: "Anti-Vaccine" Thoughts are a Mental Illness Requiring "Treatment"
Nov 25, 2022


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Building blocks are being put into place so that political dissidents can be drugged or locked up much like the Soviets did with Sluggish Schizophrenia.


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  • You know, all of this--and not just in Canada, by the way--reminds me of a passage from one of Solzhenizyn's books. I won't quote the passage but just paraphrase in a more direct way: If only we had realized just how evil the Soviet state was, we would have immediately resisted with violence to overthrow the regime.

    I feel as though this is just a repeat performance. We continue to exercise reason, publish truths, or peacefully object; we continue to do things that our evil opponents don't really feel threatened by. The one thing that we should be doing, the one thing that might actually turn the tide, very few are bold enough to give utterance to.

    The sad thing about what Solzhenizyn said: by the time he and others realized the nature of the evil that they faced, it was already too late. The opportunity for rebellion had passed.

    There's something to be said for a people that reacts to evil with mobs armed with pitchforks and torches. There's something to be said for a society that knows when to take resolute action. But what of a society that doesn't know this? Is God saying: "Your own inaction has brought this captivity upon you."

    I am shocked by this evil global conspiracy that is upon us. I'm a lot more shocked by what it has revealed about us as a people.

  • This is on the heels of Canada working to pass a bill urging suicide for those with mental illness.

  • In this video (at around 08:00) you said that "they" said, "A lot of people can believe false things because of social media". Well, a LOOOOOT of people believe false things because they're claimed by "the experts". Billions of people took the "vaxxine" because the experts made the FALSE claime that they are safe and effective.

    And speaking of mental disorders, I'd say it is a mental disorder to continue to believe "experts" who have repeatedly made claims and then backtracked and said their previous claims were in error. Examples. Masks are necessary vs asks are ineffective. The vaccine stops the spread of covid vs they don't prevent you from getting it or giving it to otheres but it will reduce the severity vs it won't stop the severity but it will prevent hospitalization vs it won't prevent hospitalization, but it will reduce the chance of death from covid.

  • The caged bird thinks that flying is a mental illness.

  • I am not surprised.

  • You have to understand that when you address the Big Pharma Monsanto - And Big Pharma mRNA deceptions, that the criminals are all in a hierarchy of control. Not just Medical, but also Financial, Government, Polling and Voting Fraud, Courts, and News Media Hierarchies. Most people can only focus on on one criminal. It takes allot of reading and studying to understand the amount of Greed, Deception, which now induces the criminals to communicate with each other like an entrepreneurial team in a successful company. But these criminals have infiltrated all of the above departments and they each help each other and will even use the courts and medical psychiatrists to attack anyone who attempts to expose these mRNA criminals.

    It is why nobody dares investigate the fact that there is a high probability that COVID was designed by gain of function testing and then released at the perfect timing to allow mail-in fraudulent ballots to get rid of Trump in 2020 at a time when Trump was the biggest threat to the Global Warming and 2031 NWO Agenda.

  • this doesnt play smooth =is it my computer?

  • when do all these murderers go on trial

  • Send them all a copy of died suddenly, that is the best exemption, I'm so glad that I never fell for this,

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