Deep State Transhumanists: Becoming 'Gods,' or Building 'God'? Part 4
Dec 28, 2021

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Deep State promoters of transhumanism are totalitarians with an affinity for Communist Chinese tyrant who believe that man is evolving through technological and biological upgrades to become like a god, warns The New American magazine's Alex Newman in part 4 of his series on transhumanism for Behind The Deep State. Some believe and say publicly that they are actually building an Artificial Intelligence god that should be worshipped. Others believe they will achieve immortality by fusing their consciousness with computers. But like Hegel's outrageous view of the state as god, these horrific and heretical ideas will end in disaster, and the God of the Bible addresses these views directly from Genesis to the New Testament.


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  • The deep state are Jews. All pharma, and vaccine companies are ran and operated by Jews. All the top transhumanist leaders and organizations pushing transhumanism are rich Jews.

  • fkfaced/gill/bates believes we are this STUPID to believe that CO2 can be or should be brought to zero? co2 AS we know is vital to all green/plant/life!

  • nice draw but it needs one step when the man is dead

  • Dear Mr. Newman, Thank you for bringing Transhumanism into the spotlight. I will share your messages across #SocialMedia. Keep up your #GreatWork..!

    Richard USAF Veteran, MBA

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