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Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to 11 Years in Jail
Nov 24, 2022


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For more than a decade Elizabeth Holmes spun a despicable bloody lie. She told the world she’d invented a medical miracle. It was a machine which, with a tiny drop of blood, could almost instantly diagnose myriad diseases. Holmes promised to revolutionise healthcare, and in doing so fooled many wealthy investors. It led to her becoming a darling of Silicon Valley and an inspirational billionaire. But when whistle-blowers started questioning her claims, Holmes’ fairytale, along with her company Theranos, was destroyed. Earlier this year, Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of fraud. Now it’s judgement day as she discovers her punishment.


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  • She is going to a holiday camp jail google the firm. Also gotta go to jail by april 23 👺😂

  • How did she invoke the ire of established medipolitico fraudsters?

  • She didn't kill anyone and it would have been great if it had worked and not been complete bullshit None of the mass murdering Sacklers went to jail but I guess she's not Jewish., so maybe that explains it

  • She's from the same clone factory as her sibling, Zuckerborg

  • If she got 11yrs for her crimes just imagine what the purveyors of the Vax will get!, joking they wont get anything

  • She banked on the fact that she was a woman this, woman that, women in tech, making (fake) tech, woo, woo!

  • Sam bankmam freid needs be in jail too but he won't be because he gave money to the dems. Just a theory.

  • I've been practicing lowering the tone of my voice to appear as an authority - and it worked on some, but others just asked me if I have a cold :-)

  • They are all guilty of fraud. Mental sources? My therapist thought I was crazy? lol

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