May 10, 2022


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Attorney Thomas Renz became one of the most recognizable freedom fighters in America thanks to his tireless work against the tyrannical Covid mandates and the forces behind them.

In this interview with The New American, Mr. Renz exposed the deeply evil and inhumane agenda of the globalist elites, in particular the World Economic Forum (WEF), the most disturbing parts of which are their open admiration of despotic regimes of the past and their pursuit of the depopulation agenda.

Mr. Renz also shared his predictions for the next phases of the Great Reset. He said there would be staggering food inflation, an energy crisis, and an economic collapse – all carefully engineered to destabilize America and then bring it down.

"We are at war… Everything that means to be an American is under attack," warned Mr. Renz. The attorney called on people to look reality in the face and pay attention to what the promoters of the Great Reset are saying and doing; spread the word; stand for your country by securing elections; keep peacefully fighting every single day.


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  • The Ukraine Azov Nazi's take orders from their government which is 80% Jewish. (Nadia Savchenko was an adored Ukrainian ultra-nationalist, military officer,

    ….parliamentarian and russophobe whom the Ukrainian government and media used to love — that is, until she asked why 80% of the rulers of her country were jewish.) Real National Socialists do not work with Jews. I guess it is easier to say "Exposing the Nazi's of the WEF than saying Exposing the Cultural Marxist Jews of the WEF?

  • Yup! That is right. It is always the Nazi's. Remember folks, It Is Never the Jews!!!

  • I'm a Boomer, and I know damn well that there isn't anything to fix. It needs to be destroyed. And National Socialism has nothing to do with those in supposed power, except Talmudic Judaism.

  • Oh shut the fuck up dude, there is no "Nazi" agenda. The Third Reich did absolutely NOTHING wrong, and your faggot ass is over here spreading bullshit!

  • Fact: You can blame everyone who came after, but it was Ronald Regan who sold America to Big Pharma when he signed the 1986 Act:

  • ...this is the kind of boomer retardation we're up against

    ...this video demonstrates perfectly how "we" are our only real enemy and obstacle

  • FINALLY people are beginnig to understand that it is NAZIS behind this. Not that there's much difference between Commies and Nazis but it is best to keep your despots straight. 😁 Klaus Schwab & George Soros both were very early on influenced by Nazis. I know people fall back on the whole Jewish thing but they are JINOs - Jews In Name Only. They play the Jewish card when it's in their best interest. Same as Zelensky. Rememeber...... there were many turncoat Jews in WWII that sent their fellow Jews to the death camps.

  • Thank you.

  • The NAZI bad guy trope is ridiculous. The Holocaust did not happen, there were no murder factories, no lamp shade of human skin, no gas chambers showers. It's a the BIG LIE. STOP SLANDERING THE ARIAN RACE. Every time you use the N-word slur for Arians, a filthy Jew rubs his hands.

  • National Socialism was about nations and peoples defending their rights to exist in the face of a (((banker))) led New World Order. its all there for anyone to see truth. Anyone comparing the WEF to 'Nazis' is a total fucking moron.

  • Tom you should ask her out, she has the hots for you.

  • "Nazi agenda of WEF"

    Blaming National Socialism for the consequences of international capitalism is moronic at best, dishonest at worst.

  • Do not dignify the WEF by calling it 'nazi'. German National Socialists were patriots who stood up to communism and degeneracy If you want to point out the faults of the regime then fine, but don't malign the German people who fought and died.

  • 4th Industrial Revolution = 4th Reich

  • Fantastic reporting. Thanks StarCrest.

  • Wtf? The WEF is zionist/jew.. your idea that nazism would support jews is just stupid

  • every bit helps..WWG1WGA..we will win..

  • May be a National Socialist government would sort the world out

  • Humans cannot be hacked. This guy has no scientific background. Watch the story of the last Czar and then you will realize what we are dealing with. Stupidity on the highest degree. 7.5 billion people will not let this come true.

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