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FBI's New Domestic War on Terror and Operation Mockingbird
Jun 20, 2021


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Glenn Greenwald joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the FBI's new domestic "War on Terror" and "Operation Mockingbird".

"If you go and google - and I hope your viewers do - Operation Mockingbird. What you will find is that during the cold war these agencies used to plot about how to clandestinely manipulate the news media to disseminate propaganda to the American population. They used to try and do it secretly. They don't even do it secretly anymore. They don't need Operation Mockingbird. They literally put John Brennan who works for NBC and James Clapper who works for CNN and tons of FBI agents right on the payroll of these news organizations they now shape the news openly to manipulate and deceive the American population."

What Really Happened on January 6th?

  • 17:23
    Documents Reveal FBI Infiltrated Groups BEFORE January 6th and May Have Helped TO PLAN THE Storming of the Capitol
    21.57k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 01:51
    Feds STILL HUNTING Patriots
    5.27k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 05:32
    A little bit of help from your friendly neighborhood FED
    5.12k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 03:27
    Tucker Carlson AGAIN slams FBI over Jan. 6th and roasts Twitter for accidentally confirming his reporting
    45.36k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 04:13
    Ashli Babbitt's Husband Is SUING DC Police!
    20.80k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 11:24
    GLOWING In The Dark - Did The Feds INSTIGATE January 6?
    38.70k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 16:35
    Federal Entrapment? Darren Beattie and Tucker Carlson Blow the Lid Off Jan. 6th
    55.93k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 05:34
    FBI's New Domestic War on Terror and Operation Mockingbird
    1.80k views ▪ 2 years ago
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  • Many know for a fact that not just antifa/blm tried to stage thir failed insurrection Obama owns the FBI, DOJ And DHS, his personal goons. They did the same thing to the Bundys, Burns Oregon, Ruby Ridge, Waco. They will try it on us too. DHS named all Trump supporters as violent extremists on January 27th...

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