Gaslighting America
Nov 24, 2021

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The Left said 'Save the Whales,' and something did: The innovation of petroleum, which rendered whale oil in lamps obsolete. As a result of kerosene, whaling ships stopped hunting orcas in the North Atlantic. Instead of applauding this, Progressives say that oil is killing the planet. Likewise, the same Progressives told us to use plastic so that trees didn't have to be cut down. Once we did, they started claiming that the very plastic they told us to use is killing the planet, and to make all packaging out of paper again... Of course, a pattern emerges. Every time we listen to them, they change the narrative and tell us that what they told us to do in the past is wrong. Are they really concerned about the planet, or is this a form of gaslighting?

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  • Jordan Peterson is of Satan's global goo. He's full of shiy, SEE the red circle. Jewish witch and saboteur.

  • Wow, so much info I did not know. Just found your channel. I did know the left just uses the "green" excuse to do whatever they want on a whim and not based on science. Subscribed !!

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