How The Covid Vaccine Destroys Your Vital Organs
Aug 24, 2021

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Description presents SUMMIT SESSIONS: The Science, part of a series of presentations delivering accurate scientific facts, the latest medical research, and sensible health policy solutions, featuring Dr. Ryan Cole. Dr. Cole offers an excellent presentation illustrating the permanent organ damage caused by these toxic vaccines.

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  • AMAZING VID. If you look hard enough you find the truth 2 women I work with after Pfizer jab have stopped their periods and one was trying to get pregnant. I don't have the heart to tell them they did this to themselves. Epidemiologists give vaxxers 1-5 years to live. So sad-been warning people for over a year now and been kicked off so many social media. Glad to hear the docs are finally speaking up. LONG TIME COMING.

  • Sound of Freedom [2020] Watch Here πŸ‘‰

  • Thanks for posting! Ive been looking for this lecture.

  • God bless you for telling us the truth.

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