Lawyer For America's Frontline Doctors Outlines Criminal Charges
Sep 19, 2021

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The crimes are so great, that every Sheriff and Law Enforcement Officer the world over is duty bound to act on this. If you’re a cop, and you haven’t figured this out yet, these murderous co-conspirators in government want to genocide everyone. Cops and their families are not excluded!

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  • Wake the HELL UP FELLOW AMERICANS. Fauci and his murderous greedy Frankenstein fascists need to be arrested NOW!

  • Complete imbeciles who should NOT be doctors

  • Universal Jurestriction is how we can`t be stop.

  • Sounds great but it is concerining that Americans are using "international law" which of course all comes from the UN - an UNELECTED foreign organization run by communists. Note the medical logo on the stage. We should be looking to our Bill of Rights and Constitution for the roadmap thru this mess.

  • Can someone tell me or provide a link to the original video, and possibly the speaker's name.

  • Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. You will see the real plot. The Global Zionist Jews NWO is the antagonist.

  • We contacted #AmericasFrontlineDoctors about scheduling a virtual visit with a doctor who would prescribe therapeutic meds for covid-19, if we ever needed them. About two weeks later I get an "After Visit Summary" by email and was charged $90 for the "visit". Only problem is, I never had a virtual visit with anyone. Very unprofessional and dishonest, IMO. #SimoneGold

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