Apr 20, 2022


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Yet another hostile ruling by the US Supreme Court. This one from an Air Force Lt Colonel when he challenged the principle of the Mark of the Beast.

Bingo! "We have to have people at the state level who will stand up for the Constitution." - David Knight The evidence is abundantly clear that our federal government is hopelessly lost. It's past time that people concentrate their energy and efforts at the local level if they ever expect change to occur in America. Washington is far too corrupt to alter the decades of bureaucratic and agency rule that has cemented their hegemonic power structure. Everything rests with the states now and an Article V convention is definitely not the answer!


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  • He refused to put poison in his body.

  • Trump is Caesar reincarnated. he was Also William Dennison Gov of Ohio

  • So what is next, military refusing to fight the enemy on religious grounds?

  • Prayers four laborers of Christ united. By grace if God we may be joined in spiritually.

  • I made the same point in my defense for my work. That this is the mark of the beast in principle. Same result. Denied. Well now we see, it is time for thee to work oh Lord for they have made void thy law.

  • The states don't have squat to say about marriage either. Marriage is between a man, a woman, and God.

  • Always great brother - just get rid of the fake globe!! #FLATearth FTW!

  • All religions are part of the social programming too, it’s controlled opposition, because at the end of the day, Christians will yell, complain, but won’t put their own People in positions to actually affect a change in the right direction, so they’re just noise makers, all part of the okie doke.

  • There is a book called Foxe's Book of Martyrs written in the year 1563 by a man named John Foxe. A must read and available online in PDF form. Search for it.

  • The guys Trump appointed are utterly useless. Yea, when the end times goes down the SC and government in general is going to be a wet noodle.

  • Americans need to remember that 6 of the 9 Supreme Court justices are Roman Catholic. Isn't that strange in a nation that is majority Protestant? Catholics already accept a corrupted version of the Gospel. It's no problem for them to accept and promote all sorts of corruption - legal, social, economic. They feel right at home.

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