Mel K on Fire in San Antonio
Nov 22, 2021

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In case you missed Mel's fiery speech in San Antonio November 21, 2021, here you go. Thank you to Clay Clark, the entire Thrive Time team and each and everyone that was part of this extraordinary and impactful event.


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  • The Nazi's are righteous. Stop listening to a jew. This is ridiculous. She is antichrist. The third Reich was never meant to be a one world government, because Hitler only cared about Germany, not world domination. Lying jew.

  • Why do both sides keep listening to jews? This is so fucking pathetic.

  • That is brainwashing at the highest level. The UN was founded by Stalin [Jewish Communist sellout], Roosevelt [Jewish Communist sellout], and Churchill [Jewish Communist sellout], the henchmen of the JEWS, namely Rothschild, who needed WWII to cash in on the Balfour Declaration, and needed the UN as a official body to acknowledge the State of Israel. That Jewish bitch tells you it was founded by NAZIs. NAZI is a Jewish Communist derogatory. Use it and you are perpetuating the Jewish Communist Agenda, which makes you a Communist activist. The constitution says representatives, not [uni]party. Mel K [Jewish] is controlled opposition, to keep the people from following the constitution. Pure evil, no better than any liberal.

    Republicans want to be rules by Israeli Jews and build Greater Israel as the HQ of the NWO. Democrats want to be ruled by New York Jews and build the Jewish Communist NWO.

    Now you can go back to sleep.

  • a RED Dress Mel ,,, really?????

  • I know some of this to be the truth from project MKUltra experiments, many of the people she speaks of approved this and some are still have protection today

  • That Mel K was amazing...I have never heard of her...but her speech left me in tears...tears of anger, pride and hope...I love God and KNOW He can do anything...ANYTHING He wants!

  • Victory comes from God. David killed Goliath. God actually did it. David got credit for stepping up to the plate. The world should know that David's victory came from God.

  • The fact is that the U.S. Constitution acknowledges God, and that our rights are endowed upon us by God alone. It is correct. It is a great proclamation. God's law just so happens to be, maximum freedom for ALL people. God alone stands in their way. In God we trust.

  • They became enraged when the people voted for Trump. How dare we defy them, no more freedom, time to drop the whip on us.

  • Problem with #10 is that U.S. government are supposed to be elected employees / servants of the people, they should not make laws and impose them upon the people, it is the people whom mandate laws upon them. Instead they have set aside our laws and they are now like cooks commanding us what we can or cannot eat, or valets commanding us what cars we can or cannot drive.

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