Jan 25, 2022


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Not just a nurse, Nicole Sirotek shares what she saw on the front lines in NYC.


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  • I remember seeing the video of this nurse crying about they are killing her patients. MSM and platforms censoring these nurses and doctors not allowing them the opportunity to share what was going on was and continues to be despicable. I was glad to see this whole panel of medical professionals discuss what they experienced trying to treat covid patients and the backlash they have received from the corrupt system. They are unselfish and courageous to stand up and to stay the difficult course. She was fired from her job for doing the right thing many more in the panel were fired for standing up for their patients. YouTube censored many of the people in this summit including Sen..Johnson. I saw the full 4hr 56 min summit on Many traveled long distances to come to the event. I appreciate hearing their side and the platforms that allowed them to speak and be seen

  • Restores some faith in nurses. Their silence, even in the face of firing, is inexcusable. Too many have remained silent and this nurse describes the outcome of doctor and nurse silence. Thanks to all of the healthcare professionals that are speaking up.

  • Bla bla bla bla She goes ON AND ON... Get to the fucking point !

  • Why don't these senators get off there asses and do something? We need to take a closer look at who is the enemy.

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