Russiagate Conspiracy Media Caught Doing Damage Control
Nov 19, 2021

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  • Hellary Clinton and her most favored rap[ist, Donna Brazil, Adam Schitt, Nancy Piglosi, Maxine Waters, the penguin Jerry Nadler and mob boss Chucky-boy Schumer, the quiet West Coast mob boss, Diane Feinstein, and so very many other self-glorified overly-paid WELFARE RECIPIENTS claiming, on the one hand, to be our "Representatives", while on the other hand acting and PROVING themselves as wanna be DICTATORS, should ALL BE STANDING TRIAL FOR TREASON IN THEIR ONGOING ATTEMPTS TO BLOCK the voice of WE the PEOPLE, THEIR BOSSES~

  • Get them all arrested, charged and then throw them in prison and throw away the key.! They should be held accountable for everything they have engaged in. But particularly for their corruption of the Constitution and attack on the American People!

  • Why can't journalists stop LYING?

  • these 2 need real JAIL time lying basturds

  • fox is the good cop in the good cop bad cop scam ... The election was fixed.... They need to report it...

  • in the beginning , you fox lied too ... yous were part of the fake news going out on tv ....

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