May 08, 2022


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Incredible advances in AI and robotics, with Elon Musk. Please visit - a great place to learn about AI and STEM subjects.


The dangers of AI - The AI Invasion with Billy Crone:

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  • About as conscious as a calculator.

  • Please understand that everyone hyping and promoting "AI" is trying to profit by it.... "AI" is a buzzword to strike fear and awe into the uninformed. The claim that this MACHINE could become "conscious" is LUDICROUS!! These SYSTEMS are using code, however cleverly written, to SIMULATE so-called decision making and "thought"... machines becoming "conscious" is simply FICTION to push an agenda. FACT - There are more synapses in one human brain than all the computer circuit connection on the entire earth! Chew on that one for a bit...

  • Extremely spooky. Anyone having Terminator images pass thru your mind? Yea, right..?

  • To what end? The LAST thing this world needs with billions unemployed is fking AI.
    It has its applications in dangerous situations but this will only lead to more trouble. Technology has always been a friend to EVIL. However I agree with "a day ago" it is all bullshit. There is nothing artificial about it and the rest is just robotics on steroids.

  • "AI" cannot be 'concious', this is a massive psy-op that will be used to dehumanize and depopulate. This psy-op isn't run by "AI" its run by HUMAN PREDATORS.

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