The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers
Nov 20, 2021

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This powerful documentary delves into the controversial and often debated beliefs of the founders of the American Revolution. Were these men Christians, according to the Bible? Was it their "original intent" to found America on the teachings of Christ and the Apostles? Or were their opinions closer to those of the Enlightenment thinkers in Europe? The overwhelming evidence points to the latter, which explains all the demonic symbolism and ancient pagan gods sculptured in stone which are scattered throughout Washington DC in every major structure.

The Age of Reason, written in 1794, by Thomas Paine

The Age of Reason; Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology is a work by English and American political activist Thomas Paine, arguing for the philosophical position of deism. It follows in the tradition of 18th-century British deism, and challenges institutionalized religion and the legitimacy of the Bible. It was published in three parts in 1794, 1795, and 1807.

Age of Reason:

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  • The founders were most influenced by the writings of John Locke, whom's philosophy was based on natural law and natural rights. Some phrases in the founding documents are almost per verbum from his writings.

    The founders created a constitution that retains the maximum freedom for the people, including the freedom to practice religious or spiritual believes,regardless of denomination or Native American Customs, or none. All that with the absolute minimum interference of the federal government, with no authority to interact directly with the people, except in Washington D.C. [A1S8], and the freedom of the people to arrange locally life as they see fit [10A, see Amish in Lancaster county or Mormons in Utah].

    Christians are free to congregate at any place and establish rules as they see fit for their community, county or state, depending on how much territory they consecutively occupy with a majority, only limited by the constitution itself. Putting gays to death is a no no.

    If the US was a Christian country, the power of the government would be used to force Christianity onto the population. As a result it would lead eventually to war of the denominations. Some early settlers were prosecuted fringe Christians, like the Amish and the Mennonites, who could not practice their flavor of Christianity in Europe. If Christianity is not voluntary, it is a radical dictatorial movement that would infringe on peoples freedoms. Historically, that leads to killing non Christians.

    The entire insanity of this discussion originates from the departure from the constitution, which says representatives, not parties. Parties are national, and designed to consolidate dictatorial power over ALL states, which infringes on peoples [10A] right to organize locally. Hence, whatever national power succeeds will become the dictatorial power over all states. The founders gave people a framework to live and let live. Today's Christians are hell bend to make it a dictatorship. Radical Christians are no different than any other special interest group, who aim for the same. Give up on state powers [10A], go federal [uniparty], prepare for a battle, because it's going to end bloody, AND result in total loss of freedom to a Jewish Communist NWO.

    If freedom is not good enough for Christians, than Radical Christians are no better than Radical Muslims, or Transgenders, who demand their world views transposed on everybody else. People respond to values. Maybe, if there is a lack of interest, there is a problem with values. This propaganda piece [facts overpowered by hostile opinion] is a form of violence, and violence always results in the exact opposite of the original intent. Christianity found it's original attraction in non-violence.

    Parties are special interest groups forcing their will on everybody else. Parties only represent a fraction of the overall population and are always a minority to entire population.

    Which one is the true word? Since over 50% of World Christianity is Catholic, I guess the Vatican needs to become the dictatorial government of the United States of Christianity. The other 6 Billion people need to go? /s

  • Absolute propaganda. A rare miss Starcrest. You have a documentary attacking Christianity and having the people whom have been attacking our country for over 100 years claiming to be our founders and the true hope of the free world. Absolute trash.

  • What a load of total horseshit...

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