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The Real Reason Elon Musk Acquired Twitter
Nov 23, 2022


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While everyone is concentrating on the free speech aspect of Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, there may be another aspect about which no one is talking: Its usage as a payment platform for cryptocurrencies.


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  • Yeah, about all this.

    Dick A is an RV'er, yes. who is focused on crypto.

    To a hammer, everything is a nail!

    Joe M is perhaps better to task as he is not.

    There is always a conspiracy for everyone who doesn't agree with the woke left.

    They were ok with Trump until he ran for POTUS. They were ok With Elon until he bought Twitter and decided to let everyone speak freely. No one is ever good enough for the left.

    Yet, they would have a guy in power that sniffs kids. Who's son has done unquestionable things. The stench of corruption is overwhelming in the Dems and bad in a lot of Republicans too.

    Elon has made no secret of his ambitions. He wants the platform profitable because it won't be at the call of nefarious investors and dark agencies as it has been to date. This will allow ELON to promote FS. In addition, he will amalgamate features of FB, Google and YT in it over time. So it's holistic.

    Elon can work across many engineering spheres. Unlike other companies who fear him. The left and nefarious companies guided by media matters understand and fear that. Hence the hate. The left does not create. they commandeer and destroy!

    Some people do not get it.

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