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The UN Push to End National Sovereignty Worldwide
Aug 08, 2022


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In this edition of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt takes a look at current events, including Monkeypox, the crisis in Sri Lanka, and the Great Reset’s war on farmers in the Netherlands.

As food shortages loom, the WEF is saying “Let them eat bugs,” while Gates and Pope Francis tell the world to “stop eating red meat!” What’s going on here?

This looks a lot like controlled chaos.

Meanwhile, a United Nations initiative would have sovereign nations erase their borders and hand their land over to the indigenous people from whom it was “stolen”. You want to know the real reason Francis just had to apologize for the Church’s “genocide” in Canada? Well, this is it!

Plus, Michael Matt on Newsmax has an exchange that should give the Vatican pause since it adds further evidence that thinking patriots everywhere have had enough of Francis and his twisted alliance with the builders of the new global order.


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  • Ummm... youre almost on the money. Except Klaus Scwab and the rest are jews, NOT nazis. fauci, soros, zuckerberg, walensky, yellen, mayorkis, garland, jew jew jew jew jews. Stop calling them Nazis.

  • Oh the land rights thing, well research this...they have been doing this in New Zealand since the 1960's.The NZ governments have paid billion$ over the years, of TAXPAYER dollars, to these tribes and STILL these tribes do NOT pass down the $ to help the little guys at the bottom. So what have they done with this money? One tribe bought a blimmin rugby league team for goodness sake! (and that team was useless anyway). So how has it all worked out there for the regular Maori person? It hasn't. NZ has become the drug capital of the world. There are now MORE poor people growing mariwana (deliberate) than ever before. So where did they get all the money from to grow the weeds? You got it....from the government! And where did the government take the money from? The poor old hard working taxpayer! NZ is an absolute MESS. It had a very sound economy under the last National government...apparently John Key was a bit of an economic wizard.....and as soon as Jacinda Ardern's Labour government got in, everything went to hell in a handbasket. Well what do you expect I suppose, she along with so many world leaders now, are the protégés of old Schwab-the-deck! Just look around....there is Jacinda Jackboots in NZ, Justin A Foxhole in Canada, Mark in a Rutte, in Netherlands, Macaroni in France, Alboweasel in Australia...and the list just goes on and on. We the people, need to STAND UP TOGETHER.....and not be divided.

  • Hahahaha love it...'Tony from the Land of Baloney!' SO TRUE!!!!

  • Love the pipe wrench as a plumber.

  • The vadican cannot hide those comments behind a plastered wall or move them to another location. It is simply ignorance. No different from your Cabal bribe seeking Gov forcing your borders open to dangerous illegal migrants. These are common coup tactics to remove all out safeguards to Government Tyranny and DEMOCIDE.... by weapons like COVID which was created as a WMD to attack Domestic Citizens.

  • The UN is part of the Cabal Coup Attempt. UN is full of self appointed Oligarchs who seek more Cabal money just like the Tyrannical Democrat Politicians.

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