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Trump’s Return: But Will There be an America Left to Save?
Nov 21, 2022


Interesting Documentaries, News and Stories:



Show Highlights:

  • The Little Ferret gets a gig on Canada’s big drag queen show on TV. 
* Zelensky donates big money to the Democrat candidates (Still standing with Ukraine?). 
* Donald Trump says he will run again.

In this week’s Remnant Underground, Michael asks a few questions:

* Will there be an America left to save in 2024?

  • Will Mitch McConnell’s war-hawking Neocons let him get nominated?

  • Will the WEF psychos let him live until 2024?

And as for Donald Trump personally:

* Does he realize he’s up against out-of-the-closet Satanism this time?

  • Will he defend marriage?

  • Will he defend the unborn now that, according to leading Republicans, standing with pro-lifers “cost us our red wave”?

  • Can anyone make America truly great again while the blood of the innocent is still flowing?

By the way, nobody wants to talk the big winners: Governors who stood up for life and against the lockdowns. It really doesn’t matter what you think of a DeSantis or Stitt or Noem – their massive victories point to the path forward: Anti-abortion, anti-lockdown, and pro-God WINS.

We hope Donald Trump agrees.


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  • Catholic is not Christan.

  • Actually, America needs BOTH DeSantis AND Trump:

    • 50X DeSantis to become Governors of States
    • 4X Trump to become President, Vice President, Speaker, Senate Majority Leader

    If I were DeSantis, I would stay in FL, where he is needed, as long as possible, as there are too many states that Democrats can easily steal, so President Trump needs to win, and RESTORE ELECTION INTEGRITY FIRST !!!

    • In case people haven't noticed, DeSantis and Trump are WORKING TOGETHER ...
    • Once we have enough patriots in office, we can MAGA AGAIN !!!

    We also need a way to 'litmus test' for America First candidates, as these are the best choices for the vast majority of the American people, as China is going 'China First' (Communist, State Owns Everything, but, it works, sort of, as almost everybody is equally poor), but, the EU is going 'Davos First' (Socialist, it works for the 1% Rich, who own everything, but, it doesn't work for the 19% Poor or the 80% Working Class), Russia is going 'Russia First' (Capitalist, it's working) ...

    Without a restoration of The Republic as first described in James Madison's Federalist 10, we'll continue to lurch from America First Capitalism (Prosperous Working Class) towards Davos First Socialism (Rich Own Everything) !!!

  • Conservatism is still too weak. The current form of it accepts the core foundations of the enemy subversion, such as diversity and multi-racialism. The founders warned against this. Conservatism, if it wants to be effective, has to outright reverse everything that was done in the 60s, to take back control of the banks from yes, Jews, who have a history destroying nations simply by controlling the banks, the media, academia...etc We have to make the liberia project matter again. We have to understand there is reason the founding symbols are often a weapon, and fasci.

    Patrick Henry told us that the moment we give up the use of force, we are inevitably ruined. That only force can preserve this nation. We are at the point where force is the only effective option left.

  • Biden bribed all college student who voted Democrat in the 2020 midterms because their feeble jar-head student woke minds could not do the math and see that a US Presidential Democratic 2024 Candidate cannot legally allocate a massive amount of tax dollars to his Democrat Voting Party.

    Here is a wake-up call to all the woke Democrat College Students who voted Democrat during the midterms.... You are NOT getting your student loans paid for - and you voted for a criminal Democrat Administration led by a Pedo-Criminal-President who downed our oil and fired all the smart people who know how hard it is to make a vaccine that works. Democrats have now gone far beyond the financial damage that they typically do in a four year term in office.

    Today, they have printed the worth out of your dollars in your bank account and have also downed your oil which together will BRING ON THE GREATEST ECONOMY CRASH EVER SEEN AND IT WILL KILL MILLIONS BY STARVATION.

    And we will make sure that you Climate Change Idiots and Democrat voters suffer more than anybody else during the Crash which will last about 100 years !!!

  • All the major Governments are now seeking the FEP ((Financially Elite Psychopath)) bribe money and getting it because the Jews who own the Banks and the Mainstream News Media want to control everything as all power monger want. And the common people are currently being killed by a Gov created Virus and disarmed by Gov created Tyranny. And our money is being stolen by the Government massive printing of money because their debt is so high that nobody will loan them any money.

    USA Democrats and Rhino's are Treasonous Tyrants and we need to try them for their crimes then impeach them all.

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