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UN Academy of Divine Knowledge
May 17, 2021


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Christian pretenders?? False Christian: Carrie Madej, Andrew Kaufman, David Icke, Del Bigtree, False Christian Sherri Tenpenny, False Christian Judy Mikovitz, Black Nobility Master Deceiver: RFK Jr., ... all placed by the UN to make our transition to the NEW NORMAL more comfortable? I notice they have all gotten LOTS of attention lately but strangely none of them speak publicly about these organizations. I was in Madej's group "Serendipity Group" social platform and she just said she would be gone for a while doing a talking tour... wonder why she didn't tell us all about THIS? I asked her about this in a DM on her platform and she just kicked me. "Off with her head!" ah they'll be such fine, fair and benevolent cyborg rulers...

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  • New age was established by Masons.

    Based on 'science' the global coherence initiative was established to help facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation, and enduring peace. A primary goal of GCI is to test the hypothesis that large numbers of people when in a heart-coherent state and holding a shared intention can encode information on the earth’s energetic and geomagnetic fields,. In order to conduct this research, a global network of 12 to 14 ultrasensitive magnetic field detectors specifically designed to measure the earth’s magnetic resonances were installed strategically around the planet. More important is GCI’s primary goal to motivate as many people as possible to work together in a more coherent and collaborative manner to increase the collective human consciousness.

  • If you are right, this truly is insane. Thanks for posting. Very interesting none the less.

  • This is beyond confusing. Is it not possible that the globalists are not all at the top level and understand they are being lied to. Mikovitz seems legit.

  • Sorry... what's wrong with New Age?

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