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Why Are They Hiding This About Klaus Schwab and the WEF?
Jan 18, 2023


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Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is underway right now in Davos Switzerland. The globalists are meeting to decide how they will control you for the next decade of your lives. But who is Klaus Schwab? … the man that sits at the helm of the WEF.


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  • ARE YOU GUYS/REPORTERS KIDDING??? Klaus Schwab, and the other mega Nazis in three-letter organizations, don't die. Do you truly not know that the technologies available to the globalists far outreaches that of the common man. The technology allows globalists to have their respective consciousness downloaded, saved, and then uploaded into a clone, or other warm body, so that a new criminal doesn't have to learn the ropes. In the time it takes to get a body and upload the memories/consciousness of the dead man, the new man/woman is good to go and has all of the pertinent information necessary to take on the world. Also, haven't you noticed how long they live? Are you fucking kidding me ???

  • This just in... They lose!

  • The N.W.O is told in the holy bible. It will only last 7 then it's all over amazing the bible / God shared this in his love for us that we should know and set our prio9rities in is the time to soul search.........eternal are the consequences....."There is no coming to the Father but thru his Son/Jesus...."In God we trust". You can take that to the bank......without fear. We are saved by faith and faith alone".....prayer is an act of faith, better believe it.

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