TFNT9: CDC and FDA vaccine committees fail to spot any safety signals (15 minute version)
Sep 29, 2021

Executive Director COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund ( Left a great job in high...


I tried to tell them that there were huge safety signals being generated in VAERS and that the CDC detection algorithm was flawed. They ignored me.

So now they get to star in their own video where I expose the total incompetence of all the committee members. Not only did they FAIL to spot over 1,000 safety signals on their own, but even after it was expressly pointed out to them, they couldn't recognize them either.

This is unacceptable. They should all resign. America deserves better than this.


Full 60 minute video:

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  • This needs to be STOPPED NOW. ALL OF IT. BURN THE VIALS. Too many innocent people died being deceived from those they depend on to protect them. I want those who lied to the public to pay for their crimes against humanity. CONGRESS DO YOUR JOB PLEASE IMMEDIATLY! NO time for studies,the graves speak for themselves!

  • I am curious to the accuracy to the VAERS and what they are NOT telling the public. If they were using pka ebo on 85% and the Vax on the other 15% that would drastically change the VAERS. There is more to this than I already know which should be punishable for CRIMES against Humanity. I believe there is a hidden agenda (I have a good idea what it is)

  • Thank you.

  • Excellent! Thank you for your persistence and thorough analysis! Loved the Dark Horse podcast and was watching literally when it was taken down. Especially glad to see you on Gab!

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