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Single Point vs Two Point AR Slings
Oct 13, 2022


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What are the main differences between a single point and a two point AR sling? And how do you choose the one that's best for your purposes?

In today's video we answer these important questions.

If you'd like to see the video with additional images and text, check out:

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  • The argument over single, 2 point and 3 point slings, benefits and challenges, is about as subjective as the best colored car. When I taught tactical firearms applications I had a ton of biases, but I never invested them in an attempt to steer a person to or away from a manufacture or platform. My base goals were to help them develop a quick sight picture, rid themselves of the blink reflex, to develop a level of comfort in application on both strong and weak side, to be able to shoot from either or both eyes, and repeatable accuracy. If a person was not able to develop a level of proficiency with a firearm they owned, I'd either have them rent, or if asked try a variety from their departments armory, or in few cases mine. Sometimes it is actually grip angle, sometimes it is weight, sometimes it's sight elevation, sometimes it is the mechanics of the draw, and sometimes it is both corrected and uncorrected vision.

    Hearing another persons opinions or experiences, whether it be slings, scopes, shooting stances, which car color looks clean the longest, Army v Air Force etc., is ALWAYS subjective. Never make a purchasing decision based entirely upon another persons opinio or experience, because yours will be different. If your new to firearms try several by finding a range that rents or a friend with a wide selection (don't be a hoser, make sure to pay for or bring your own ammo), if you're looking for a sling bring your unloaded weapon to a shop and ask to try them for fit.

    Best wishes to anyone in the hunt.

  • Preserve and protect our 2nd Amendment. :-)

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