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TRUMP played his part, NOW its the MILITARY'S TURN!
Jan 21, 2021

Shit You Didn't Learn In School is a brand created to talk about all the subjects that public...


"Done in 30 days"? What exactly are we going to see over the next month? The 10 days of darkness started yesterday, and now we know that THE MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY!


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  • Things are not as they seem.

  • "stamina check" for sure. Also, sanity check.

  • yep... and they won't do shit.

  • 👀👀 "In Trumps Speech,His Final Address!!....There Are 4 Wrinkled Flags,From The Greenscreen Generated Picture!?" 🤔🤔 "Treason!!....PENCE,PELOSI,SCHUMER,MCCONNELL?!" 🤫🤫 "Destroy The Foundation!!....The Rest FALLS!!"

  • I know nothing about Qanon, but Biden is not my president. Election fraud actually happened.

  • Award winning FICTION BRAVO 👏

  • Trump would not have said" I will say goodbye! Hopefully it won't be a long good bye? Hope to see you soon? Huh? That alone makes you think! This is happening!

  • Bro! If we did that in the Marine Corps! We would been in the Brig! But it would been worth it! Lol!

  • Didn’t see this. I heard Biden might have fake football.

  • They have no respect to the fake President

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