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Jan 22, 2021

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(DISCLAIMER: Originally posted on 12/29/2020) In school they teach us that the ACT of 1871 was the act that established Washington DC. What they fail to explain in the classroom, however, is the true purpose of the ACT. And how it's real purpose and function was to totally undermine the Original Constitution and replace it with a Corporate one. I explain how they did it in this episode.

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  • What will happen with pensions from military retirement, government employee retirement and social security?

  • Excellent vid on the Act of 1871. Only resource out there, so I shared it everywhere. Just wondering if you completed Part 2 yet. Thanks for this =)

  • They are great at the NAME Giving like Communism, Democracy, Dictatorship, or whatever they choose they are all the same creatures and right now want to depopulate the entire planet and every country signed on against their own people and the Bilderberg Group is at the top maybe with the CCP because they all love slaves and they placed themselves above GOD and are sick people but that is all they are and Bleed just like all people and Only GOD has the power to do what they are attempting but Hospital staff and Doctors, Nurses and more are already wise to what is really going on GOD Bless All People and they will ultimately BURN in H

  • The CORPORATION is Bankrupt. Going back to the Organic. The WH isn't occupied by the Politians/actors, but by The National Guard. March 4 will be the Innaugeraton of President Trump, in some form of fashion. His "Office of The Former President was set up yesterday. Arrests and tribunals have began. Things aren't what they seem. It hasn't been for our entire lives. So to us, this that we are about to embark upon, is new, yet, it's back to 1776, but 2021. Starting all over again. From before 1871. 19th President of the Republic of The United States. We well govern our own affairs soon. I'm not sure that 'welfare/food stamps" will remain needed much longer. USA INC owes THE PEOPLE, alot! Big declassified occurring. Some drops dropped already MSM isn't covering all of this! They are playing along with the actors at Castle Rock! So grab your snacks a beverages of choice, and watch as it all finally unfolds before our eyes.

  • I am so glad this stuff is coming out!!! Some people have known about it for a long time. I just found out recently. I hope more and more start opening their eyes or they are going to be shocked. thanks for posting this.

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