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Fighting to Win with Andrew Torba
Sep 30, 2022


The King's Hall podcast exists to make self-ruled men who rule well and win the...



In this episode of The King's Hall, we sit down with Andrew Torba, founder of Gab, to discuss fighting to win and how to build durable structures.

Our sponsor for this episode, Reformation Heritage Books, offers a large selection of helpful and theological rigorous resources on everything from biblical theology to history to blue collar family discipleship. One of the things that we are hoping to do with The King's Hall is to see men emboldened, invigorated, and equipped to lead the way in discipling and catechizing their children and see Christian homes built from the ground up—which is why we are so glad to be partnering with Reformation Heritage Books for this episode of The King's Hall. Grab their great Family Worship Bible Guide today!

This episode is also sponsored by Christendom Bible College, which offers a Biblical, Historical, and Christian Principle approach to higher education—seeking to restore America’s character by training students in the foundations and principles of our Christian Civilization. Their intense commitment to Biblical Christianity stands out in sharp contrast to the compromise and capitulation that surrounds us at every turn in the world of higher education. Apply today! -Reformation Heritage Family Worship Bible Guide: -Christendom Bible College Website: -Christendom Bible College E-Book: -The King's Hall Website: -The King's Hall Twitter: -The King's Hall Patreon:

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