Feb 17, 2021

Ryan Faulk



Election data showing that the Nazi-Communist pipeline wasn't just a meme. It was very real:

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  • name of movie clip at 14:40 ? its on the tip of my tongue and cant remember

  • Hello Mr. Faulk, I suggest you look into minority approval of laws and laws passed. Aswell the effect of minority special interest groups on laws passed and compare it to other interest groups. See if anything interesting comes up. I can't seem to find anything but you are a better researcher.

  • Communism was a relatively new product back then, ergo, a distinct lack of user reviews were available, while glowing marketing of it held top spot. The commies of Back-thenville can't be compared to contemporary commies because of this. A contemporary communist is a special type of muppet, as the great storehouse of accrued user reviews of communist life, along with it's well documented failures, highlight levels of suckness that shouldn't even be possible, yet the marketing still holds our (the west's) most jaw droppingly stupid far-quits in thrall to it. National Socialism was also a brand new product back then, with catchy marketing as well, however, the user reviews of life as a German under that system were/are pretty damn positive and the documented evidence of its incredible successes (prior to international bankers sending their wolves in to devour it) is easy to find and yet, that same current crop of commie muppets have cleaved to commie-think because it saves having to engage in any-think. NSDAP folk & CCCP folk can't be assessed by our level of hindsight is what I think I'm saying.

  • "Cult-like thinking vs. non-cultlike thinking" This reminds me of Jordan Peterson's opinion that ideologies are basically "crippled religions".

  • Watch The Greatest Story Never Told! Watch Europa: The Last Battle! Watch NWO: Communism by the Backdoor! Watch The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2! Dennis Wise is a God Send! Open your Mind!

  • Did you consider turnout differences between elections? I'm not sure how important it is but it could affect a proper analysis.

  • I thought this was common knowledge. Didn't the NS leadership admit to using a RED flag to attract preexisting reds to their rallies?

  • Upload all your other vids on here too!

  • German: Wahlkreise = English: Constituency. Wahlkreise consist of two parts: The word Wahl which means choice, as related to your election choice. Kreise means roughly circle, or the area within an encirclement. So you could possibly translate it into Election Circle. But your interpretation isn't bad either.

  • To the chart at 2.00: Zahl der Stimmberechtigten = number of people with suffrage; Wahlbeteiligung = rate of participation; Anzahl gültiger Stimmen = number of correctly given votes

  • You missed a even more parsimonious hypothesis in the last half of your video, party specific abstention.

  • I think this would be more worthwhile if there was a narrative that captured the consciousness of the people at that time. I realized you used a bit of the TV drama, and I wouldn't trust Churchill's version of anything, Goebbels Diary is needless to say bias, but I wonder who else... Spengler? Evola? Heidegger?

    BTW, This is my first gab tv - do you like it Ryan?

    books: did you check the video: hangs when you slip a film in.

    Gab tv I like that when I scroll down the video through a mini window follows. I wish it would also follow when I opened another window; like telegram does. Ryan's link should open in a new window I think rather then the one I am watching. The comment window expands but only up and down. Moving text is excellent! text remains when I accidently close the window. Over all well done #GAB! For the most part this is very user friendly, unlike everything else today in Big Tech land, esp MS. Andrew and the gab team has done a fine job. Never thought I would say this about any platform, and soon as Joe comes through, I think I will get Pro -

  • Not indifferent to Richard Spencer switching his enthusiasm and vote for Biden.

  • btw this phenomena can also be seen in academic circles former SPD intellectuals suddenly went nazi etc

  • SPD only became after WW2 non communist and are communist again since the middle of the 80s or so

  • Thanks for another presentation. Hopefully GabTV will be a suitable host for these videos.

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