Dec 03, 2021

The Berean Call

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We’re continuing our discussion of Dave Hunt’s book Occult Invasion: The Subtle Seduction of the World and the Church. Now, Dave, for the last couple of weeks we’ve been underscoring the fact that the theory of evolution is not unique to Darwin or modern science, but its origins are religious and is, in fact, found in the lie Satan offered to Eve in the Garden of Eden, and is foundational to all false religions, especially Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Then we covered theistic evolution, which we find among many professing Christians as an attempt to reconcile evolution and the Bible. Before we address the basic problems with evolution, let’s remind our audience why it cannot be compatible with what the Bible teaches.

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  • Certainly, there is clearly a certain degree of MICRO EVOLUTION but the whole ORIGIN OF SPECIES macro evolution is manure. Intelligent Design is clear and obvious VIA SCIENCE evidence and NOT just Faith. Anyone think that a boiling pot of soupy water just happened to create small cells, they combined, they then just "decided" to arbitrarily muted into countless land/sea creatures is really SMOKING SOMETHING. It is the ATHEIST FAITH, CULT, no less a BELIEF ON FAITH than any other Religion - NOT PROVABLE IN A SCIENTIFIC LAB.

  • Your bible was written by POS zionist in the 1400's people it's all a conn to steal your soul and these to low life scum of earth luciferians are LYING to you for your soul. WAKE the fuck up you stupid goddam slaves!

  • Who told you God did not create evolution? A man, perhaps?

  • of course the God of the Bible made it, where the fuck else do you think it came from? magic? are there unicorns in your magic? i love magic shows

  • No. any more questions?

  • Absolutely not. Evolution pretends to explain away Creationism but when tested falls short and then admits it has nothing to do with the beginning of life at all . Most people will not look into how a DNA Has 4 billion individual parts that makes up the information strand for each cell of every living thing. RNA nor DNA would be able to assimilate itself , then find a living cell to grow within , nourish itself and survive . The womb or shell or seed nourish these cells. Evolution is the study of past life only.

  • The heavens and the earth were created and the earth was formless and empty before the first creative day. How is that the same as nothing? It seems like if you are telling people that something is not compatible with the Bible, you should be accurate about the Bible.

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