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Is the World Getting Ready for the Son of Perdition?
Apr 14, 2021

The Berean Call

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Welcome to The Berean Call podcast. I’m T. A. McMahon, TBC’s Executive Director. We’re currently re-airing a discussion I had with Dave Hunt in 2003 featuring his book Countdown to the Second Coming.   Perhaps the most significant proof that the Bible is God’s direct communication to mankind is its foretelling exactly what will take place following the time it was prophesied. It gives prophecies that were fulfilled days, months, years, hundreds of years, even thousands of years later.

Certainly the historic accuracy of specific details related to the first coming of Jesus stands as confirmation of biblical prophecy. In this episode, Dave and I discuss the scriptural prophecies given mostly in the Book of Revelation. They deal with the Antichrist as the head of world government, his controlling global economics and business, his military might, and his being worshipped by the entire world.

These all seemed impossible before the technology of our day. Yet perhaps the most unlikely aspect of the Antichrist’s religion is that humanity is being conditioned to believe they are gods or are becoming gods.

Stay tuned as we address those issues and much more.

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