BCLP: Oct 2020 Freedom MEGA Rally - BC Libertarian Party
Apr 19, 2021

I am a libertarian comedian, as The Black Jester (, Magyar, I ran for Mayor of...


Our political platform, "The Libertarian Gold Book":

DESCRIPTION: Mainstream media had nothing but insults for the "conspiracy theorists" in the crowd of over one thousand Canadians in Vancouver, BC on October 17th & 18th. What did we see as the only political party on the ground? Concerned parents. Unemployed workers. Angry voters. Refugees who fled their homelands for a freedom that they feel no longer exists in Canada.

The BC Libertarian Party is the only Party in British Columbia that dared to attend this event and get the real scoop on who was there, and why they were there. The Mainstream Media at the time engaged in dishonest reporting and focused on the most fringe elements they could find, but the truth was far more complicated and significantly more important. We heard from concerned taxpayers who felt there was barely room to breathe between all of the taxes, fees, regulations and fines. "Business is more of a risk than a reward," we heard.

It was by and far a vast gathering of hundreds upon hundreds of normal working-class citizens who have grown deeply frustrated with the state of our economy during the pandemic lockdown. We heard from political refugees and Canadian-born patriots who are all equally concerned about the state of Canada in 2020 and beyond. We are too!

Join us today:

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