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CBDCs | Banking Giants & New York Fed Start 12-Week Digital Dollar Pilot
Nov 23, 2022

Clay Clark



CBDCs | Banking Giants & New York Fed Start 12-Week Digital Dollar Pilot | Transaction Data Can Be Used In Terms of, "How Much Coffee I Drink, Where I Buy Coffee, What Kind of Hours I Work."

CBDCs | Central Bank Digital Currencies | "Vaccine Passports, If It Snaps Into Place...Concentration Camps. We Will Have Entered Into a Slavery System. We Have One Maybe Two Years to Stop It." - Catherine Austin Fitts

Learn About Executive 14067 and Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies HERE -

12 Week CBDC Pilot Has Officially Begun!!! - Watch the Original November 15th 2022 Presentation -

Banking giants and New York Fed start 12-week digital dollar pilot - READ -

Banking Giants and New York Fed Start 12-Week Digital Dollar Pilot - READ -

Global financial giants and the New York Fed are rolling out a digital dollar test run as crypto reels from FTX's crash - READ -

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Who is the man leading "The Great Reset" agenda? Yuval Noah Harari - Learn More:

What Is the Great Reset Agenda?

Understand the Great Reset from a Biblical Perspective (60 Signs of the Times) - READ -

Learn More About the Mindset of Yuval Noah Harari by Reading 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2:

See the Entire COVID-19 / Great Reset Agenda Timeline Including Patents, Citations, Etc:

Read Klaus Schwab's terrifying book / vision for the future of humanity:

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  • I cannot see this happening, People in China have been indoctrinated since birth, they have been the testing site, I cannot see, all countries going for this, too many have woken up, for this to happen, I see more people using cash, every day. because of this. People are just beyond Peed off with these parasites.

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