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General Flynn | "This Shift to a New World Order Is Very Very Real."
Nov 23, 2022

Clay Clark


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"A U.S. CBDC Could Potentially Also Help Maintain the Dollar's International Standing. We Are Examining Whether a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency Would Improve Upon an Already Safe and Efficient Domestic Payment System." - Jerome Powell - WATCH - CBDCs | Central Bank Digital Currencies | "CDBC Can Allow Government Agencies and Private Sector Players to Program...Those Money Can Be Precisely Targeted for What Kind of People Can Own and What Kind of Use This Money Can Be Utilized For." - WATCH - CBDCs | Central Bank Digital Currencies | "Vaccine Passports, If It Snaps Into Place...Concentration Camps. We Will Have Entered Into a Slavery System. We Have One Maybe Two Years to Stop It." - WATCH - CBDCs | Central Bank Digital Currencies | "You End Up Living What Feels Like a Black Mirror Episode." - Maajid Nawaz (Political Activist / Radio Presenter) - CBDCs | Central Bank Digital Currencies | "We're Developing an Ability for Consumers to Measure Their Own Carbon Footprint. Where Are They Traveling? How Are They Traveling? What Are They Eating? Individual Carbon Foot Print Tracker." - CBDCs | Central Bank Digital Currencies | "I'm Concerned About the Lack That People Have About the Implementation of Things Like a Digital Currency That Is Centralized." - Joe Rogan - CBDCs | Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies | "The Fed's digital dollar pilot program has begun. I tried to warn you." - Glenn Beck -

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Who is the man leading "The Great Reset" agenda? Yuval Noah Harari - Learn More:

What Is the Great Reset Agenda?

Understand the Great Reset from a Biblical Perspective (60 Signs of the Times) - READ -

Learn More About the Mindset of Yuval Noah Harari by Reading 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2:

See the Entire COVID-19 / Great Reset Agenda Timeline Including Patents, Citations, Etc:

Read Klaus Schwab's terrifying book / vision for the future of humanity:

Connect the Dots Between COVID-19 / The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Klaus Schwab, 5G, and the RNA-Modifying COVID-19 Vaccines Agenda:

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