Why Is Rick Warren Pushing the World Economic Forum Agenda & Endorsing Francis Collins (NIH)?
Oct 08, 2021


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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and genetically modified humans -

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and genetically modified humans -

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  • Zionist

  • Mr.Rick Warren is a different man since his boy passed. He believes to be apart of the “Christian sect” where we can all find ground in a single religion. I’ve known this about him for 20 years or so. He’s said some funny things in the past to encourage me to believe he wants to be apart of the one world religion, back when the Jack Van Impe show was still a thing preaching their end times globalism message. He’s a compromised Christian with ties to globalism, do not follow this man.

  • They value Israel more than the US.

  • Because Rick Warren is a CFR 1% ruling elite deep state 5k inner circle member globalist and atheist out to destroy US sovereignty, and religion and the traditional family and free speech - connect the CFR dots and then tell your listeners about it

    Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’:”The Fusion of our Physical, Digital, and Biological Identities” Globalism and "Regionalization" By Tim Porter Global Research, August 04, 2021 The Liberty Sentinel 2 August 2021 Theme: Intelligence

    World Economic Forum’s transhumanist founder promotes ‘regionalization’ as globalism’s post-COVID compromise with nationalism. Regional blocs, regional supply chains would be an “in-between solution….a new watered-down version” of globalization.

    Since 1971, influential economist and transhumanist Klaus Schwab has hosted his annual hobnob winter retreat in Davos, Switzerland, for thousands of like-minded globalists and invited guests. Even President Donald Trump appeared to present his “America First” rebuttals to globalism in 2018 and 2020.

    Pastor and author Council on Foreign Relations member Rick Warren (right) remarks while seated on a panel next to fellow Council on Foreign Relations member David Harris, president and C.E.O. of the National Jewish Democratic Council, at the 2008 World Economic Forum. Seated next to Harris is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    Religious figures from around the world have also attended, including best-selling author and Council on Foreign Relations member Rick Warren. His book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” has persuaded many evangelical churches to steer away from traditional worship toward modernism, ecumenism and social service.

    read more>

    The Coming One World Religion, Bilderberger Tony Blair, CFR member Rick Warren

    Tony Blair creates ex Christian Britain

    Biden’s “New Atlantic Charter” Advances Globalist World Order – American part of a rules based international order

    "What we are trying to do is to uphold the international, rules-based order that our countries have invested so much in over so many decades to the benefit, I would argue, of not just our own citizens but of people around the world. Including, by the way, China," CFR member Blinken said.


    CFR mbr Carter US is an Oligarchy  

    CFR spouse Hillary CFR runs USA

    CFR members in presidential administrations back to Wilson (100 years)

  • Defending Mass Murderers isn't popular.

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