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Maniology Reverse Stamping
Sep 13, 2021


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I absolutely enjoy coloring, don't you? But what's even better is coloring with nail polish! It really adds a unique sophistication to an others average manicure. I must confess, that I lack patience, I fail at times and am not perfect. I had to walk away from my project many times, in order for the image to dry, or the sticky base coat to cure before placing my reverse, painted image on these display nails. Ugh. I didn't get all of the manicure filmed as that would've involved a longer video...but the general idea is here. I am now a Maniology Affiliate!!!🥳 save 10% when using my code SHABBYROSE10 after all we all love a good coupon that saves 💰 right? I also earn a small ٪ so I can bring content to this channel. -Maniology plates used cyo x maniology M101 maniology M022 -Maniology stamping polishes nutmeg B352 saddle up B396 Bam! White B170 Green House B328 sticky Base Coat Smudge free top coat -Clear Jelly Stamper Plates used cjs Lc-57 in collaboration with taliasnailtales (her channel is amazing also!) -CJS stamping polishes 039, 037, 056, 051 -WetNWild polishes used Southern Bell Fast Dry AF line Putting on Airs Fast Dry AF line Pueen super intense stamping polish Black Jack 805 items found on Marcari nail art crystal Gems Practice display nails nail art brushes

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  • You are quite talented I must say

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