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AFPAC 3 || Andrew Torba: Builders for the Kingdom of God
Feb 26, 2022

Three Spoons

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Clip from AFPAC 3, which aired 25th of february 2022 on

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  • Excellent. The Church needs to repent of her divorce and remarriage before we will see real power and reformation. Christ is King!

  • Great message, but we also need to be servent ambassitors to the lost. watch this:

  • I'm thinking Keith the coward blocked my reply because he knows he worships the real traitors. And as I said he's a coward.

  • Turn up the audio, damn. Handheld gaming devices have louder volume than this. Lol.

  • History will remember this speech. Andrew Torba is the bravest CEO in America... and one of the smartest. All because of Jesus.

  • Your flag has the pentagrams on it of Liberal Masonry...your sheriffs wear pentagram and hexagram badges like those of Communism, Islam and Israel

  • Old Man Biden despises Christ and his Followers.

  • You are a very inspiring young man and a pleasure to have heard you. The truth will set you free. God Bless you and God Bless America!

  • What a buch of drumpshit! This was never a christian nation, MORON! You and the new gqp have distorted history, Democracy, our freedoms, rights, Constitution, and humanity! This site is filled with traitors!

  • I am not religious BUT...I love Gab as a wonderful outlet to post and learn what the rest of this world is doing to promote freedom from oppression by the cabal (be they Jesuits or the masons). I'm for getting back to our new government printing their own money, elections to truly work, freedom of religion (or no religion if so choose) and to allow WOMEN TO CHOOSE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEIR BODIES! Women must be allowed to be a 50-50 participant or men will never realize the full power of spirit.

  • Amen amen. Every word. God bless you!

  • How is sponsoring a bunch of AF sodomites a Godly thing?

  • Please tell me why the vid has to follow me down the page?

    Please tell me why we have to prove which group we're posting to when we're IN that group?

    Gab is so far the best and most convenient to use alt social site I've seen. Unlike parler and some others it's not limited to mainstream milquetoast conservatives' that are often fakers.

  • Thank you for standing up to the big tech tyrants, and supporting our rights to free speech.

  • We are not building any kingdom of God at this time. We are smack dab in the middle of a dispensation of the Grace of God. The Remnant of Israel, after Daniel's 70th week will inherit the Kingdom. Saved people will reign in heavenly places (Ephesians) and the new earth is for Jesus' kings and priests.

  • Excellent. this should be played in the pulpits across the county. No King, but King Jesus.

  • Andrew sends a message that all American's need to hear. We are a free country because of the sacrifices of the founders and the men and women that that have fought and died to keep our liberty. The Bible speaks the truth and gives the true direction our nation needs to follow. Time for all American's to Unite and stop listening to the divisive tactics of evil.

  • You lost me with the religious bullshit.

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