Nick Fuentes || CDC: The Vaccine doesn't stop transmission of the virus
Aug 07, 2021


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Clip from "America First Ep. 853", which aired 6th of August 2021

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  • Unfortunately most people are FEARFUL of being framed into a false flag operation by the alphabet agencies and then thrown in jail the next time they go out to peacefully protest. What can you do when the entire US government, both local, state and federal, as well as the courts and all of the corporations and media, are aligned against you? Until we reach a critical mass that we KNOW we outnumber them, people will sit home.

  • Talking out your ass white boy. Those seniors are being murdered for equity, social justice. There is no covid, remember?

  • There is no transmission of Covid at all you dorks! They have you agreeing to a false premise which is whats allowing them to do all this to us! STOP!

  • Hello, WE'VE been saying this for some time. The Do As I Sayers Lie.

  • Ivermectin first thing. Unlikely to harm and that is more than you can say about a vaccine.

  • The AME states that corona virus is a common cold. Not one country in the world has proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been isolated/purified. That means the virus does not exist therefore the delta variant is not caused by the virus. The variant appears to be caused by the COVID shots. This only virus that the PCR tests have detected is influenza. People are being injected with spike proteins that are injuring or killing many people. Why do you believe what they are saying.

  • IF you research exactly what the manufacturers claim this "vaccine" does, you find it is ONLY supposed to reduce the severity of the disease process. They say NOTHING about transmission or protecting you from it! Only the politicians claimed otherwise! Also, how could the pharmaceutical manufacturers Know or prove that it actually reduced the severity when the severity varies radically between people? Some people have it and do not even notice! Others are slightly ill and very few die. How can you say that the "vaccine" made any difference? Then there are the only actual studies on it. Those were on animals and you do not want to know why that was halted.

  • A little satire re the nonsense in video and in song / just saying

  • Lies, deceit, genocide, murder, wicked evil, covid mouth etc. while viruses have NEVER been isolated and shown under a microscope and NEVER completed Koch's Postulates verification with ANY virus EVER ! the rt-pcr is complete BULLSHIT for testing for an infectious illness said the inventor Kary Mullis RIP who mysteriously died just before Event 201.

  • Vaccine (aka Snake-Oil) is not for me, thanks.

  • Gaslighting for sure. What is so weird to me is that even members of my family think I am a horrible person because I do not comply with this. All I can say is, believe me, we are working with different information. I'm trying to find a way to have some way to understand what's going on, but they don't feel any need to do that. They would just seek to stay as far from me as they can. I can totally see how people would turn in people they know! I agree, I don't see enough resistance either.

  • Here is the problem. I see so many people like you calling for people to rise up and fight, but what are you doing, other than a video rant? Protesting is not going to work. I believe that the fact that over half of the population refusing to get the jab is overwhelming proof that people are already standing up. Maybe not in the sense that you want them to, but nevertheless they are refusing to comply. God bless the USA.

  • Defy, Defy, Defy. Do Not Comply!

  • Would prefer if you linked your sources. That would increase credibility dramatically.

  • This is not a Pandemic, it is an IQ test.

  • Who says half of the country is vaccinated? The government & the agencies/corporations? You all do know they lie massively and alter numbers to fit their narrative a 1000-fold, right? It may be 25% to 30%- tops, have bent over, not having one lick of sovereignty. Odds are most will be dead by next year. Each time they get sick with anything, their body will attack itself, because that is what the "vaccine" was designed to do. They tested this on our pets. Once 2 doses are injected, the immune system is done.

  • The vaccine is something found in the back of a peddler's wagon in 1870 - a cure all for anything that ails you. It's all bullshit - the only thing that's true is that we were experiencing herd immunity to what truly amounts to a variant of seasonal influenza - until the government began vaccinations that allowed the CCP virus to mutate and put us back to square one. Every piece of shit government politician and official that pushed this needs to be put on trial for attempted genocide for those they didn't kill, and genocide for those they did.

  • Dan Bongino lost me because he repeats himself constantly to fill up the hour. Please don't make the same mistake.

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