Nick Fuentes || Crime Exploding in Big Cities
Nov 24, 2021

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Clip from America First Ep. 912, which aired 23rd of November 2021 on

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  • Yeah, Nick lost me when he badmouthed gab. This says a couple of things to me. First free speech must scare him in some manner. He must either be for censorship or afraid someone will call him out and he can't run to the powers that be to censor them. Second, he is ignorant of free speech. There are some things I vehemently disagree with on gab. I am an adult. I look at the person saying the things I disagree with and decide their value to me. Does this person post other things that matter to me, or is this person someone that has no value to any of my discussions? If they do, I scroll on by, if they don't I block them, not out of anger, but out of keeping my feed relevant and helpful to me. This is VASTLY different from FB or Twitter as much of that decision was taken away from me by an all knowing algorithm or "Karen" with an attitude. Nick, seems to want it both ways and he says some valuable things, but his credibility took a pretty big hit when he decided to turn his spotlight on gab and made stupid comments. Yes, I will still listen to him, but in the back of my mind, I wonder if he is entertainment instead of relevant.

  • Naming black crime without naming Jacob is like filing an insurance claim without mentioning you burned your own house down. It only looks bad on you at this point. The reason it's called controlled opposition is because it leads nowhere. It's just for entertainment purposes while we're seeing innocent men going to prison for murder and innocent children being killed in a terrorist act. All of this emanates from Jacob.

  • Who do you think is going to pay for all of this? I'LL GIVE YOU THE ANSWER! WE will paying more for everything we buy in those stores, they have to pass on their losses to us.

  • When your house is dirty its time to clean, not time to move.

  • Waukesha is 89% White and we see what happened there. There is nowhere to run.

  • I used to see BLM signs all around town , now they have been replaced with for sale signs 🤠

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