Nick Fuentes || Jan 6 and The Curious Case of Ray Epps
Jan 13, 2022

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  • The FBI murders whomever the fuck they please.

  • Ray Epps was part of a network, fed or not. Babbitt was also part of it, but through msm. Being a 'FED' does not mean emp!oyed by the FEDs, let's get that much understood.

  • Nicks' not discussing why 'Baked Alaska' was with Ray Epps. Suspicious. This makes Nick sus, especially for saying Ray Epps may NOT be a Fed. He's a FED, without question.

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  • You don't understand how politics works. If Biden gave speech to congress on how they need to lock up all crack addicts and take them off the streets, why wouldn't he investigate his crack head son? Do you understand? This only ends once they kill you, because citizens won't/can't fight back. We all die by the time this is over.

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